Every day\every week planning: Two last reports

This post will end the first look on every day\every week planning with two reports: Hours Planned for Developers and Triage.

The report Hours Planned for Developers gives simple picture what workload developers have on each week:

  • Whether there are hours that stay in the past.
  • Whether developer does not have enough work to do
  • Whether developer is overloaded

The report looks like the following:

The report is usually used together with Project Capacity report and they provide me with the full information of planning status in the team.

The last report is Triage report. This report is included in TFS 2008 pack, so I have just modify it a bit to fit my needs. The report shows how many tasks are not analyzed by IT (are not accepted by IT manager and do not have estimated number of planned hours).

We use the following control metrics:

  • Not more than 5 Change Request must be triaged.
  • Not more than 1 Error, 1 Support, 1 Data Edit and 1 Internal Request must be triaged.

This report helps me to have estimated amount of work in hours we have to do. So all reports that are based on amount of work we have to do are working correctly.

The next posts will be dedicated to planning and evaluation support process of existence systems.

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