New fields in TFS Work Items. Part 3 (Deployment tab).

Deployment tab is used to manage deployment process. I use this information in several reports, the main of them are about unplanned deployments.

The following fields are placed on this tab:

  1. Deploy Status:
    1. Send to Deployment – this status is set by developer when the task is tested and ready to be implemented into production environment.
    2. Accept for Deploy – this status is set by deployment manager after successful check of the task: it has approves from business, all code review is set to “Ok”, and other tasks do not block it.
    3. Deploy Prepare Finished – this status is set by deployment manager when all code refereed to the task is merged from development node to production node.
    4. Deployed – this status is set by deployment manager when build machine implement all changes into production.
    5. Blocked – this status is set by deployment manager when the task is blocked by other tasks (one code file was changed and merge cannot be done – e.g. report server file, form resources etc).
  2. Comments for Deployment – some additional remarks or instructions from developer to deployment manager.
  3. Deploy Type:
    1. Planned – we are trying to deploy changes to our system not more than one time a week. As we have several hundred users working in our system, we have a huge amount of development work and have to deploy dozens of tasks each week. So we have every week deploy on Tuesdays (if it is not last day of the month) – and we call it Planned deploy.
    2. Unplanned – when we have due to business need or error in the application to deploy some changes ASAP. As such activities cause some damage to system stability we are trying to avoid them.
  4. Unplanned Deploy Initiator – this field is filled by the name of the business that has requested the unplanned deploy. I have the report that uses this information to show which business cause us more issues )))
  5. Unplanned Deploy IT Initiator – this field is filled when unplanned deploy was caused by error in the program and if this error was made by an IT guy. This information is used only inside IT department.
  6. Unplanned deploy Description – this field contains detailed description why unplanned deploy was mandatory and cannot be avoided.

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