Aging Report

I would like to speak about Aging Report this post. This report helps us to look on the age of Work Items. I want this report to show me not only some totals, but also allow me to drill through to each single work item that is out of date.

Just created report looks like follow:

In the column Person – the name of the developer, and in the column Review date the number of tasks that are proposed to be aged.

You can expand each developer and go to the list of tasks:

The report’s logic is based on the Pending Status bar of the Work Item.

Our team’s internal process of filling these fields is described below.

  • When the task is assigned to developer and got Finished Date, the fields Review Date and Responsible are filled automatically from Finish Date and Assigned To fields accordingly.
  • The Planning Manager has to set these fields manually to all new tasks that are not planned to be closed in several days.
  • So responsible person has to assign this task till Review Date, or to prepare design and return the task to Planning Manager, or communicate with business to clarify something etc.

So the logic of report is the following:

  • When Review date is missing more than 10 days – the tasks appears in the report.
  • When Review date is missing more than 30 days – the task becomes red.

Also, team members can put down comments about why task dates are missed and what are the next steps to fix this situation. This simplifies communications with managers and saves time preventing every week refreshing of each task issue.

With the help of Aging Report I can see if we have problems with testing, if task cannot be deployed for a long time, or if task is not assigned to a developer. But its main advantage lies in the ability for developers themselves monitor their work items and take actions before tasks go red.

So it’s very useful. )))

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